Custom recombinant proteins/antigens production


We produce and purify  custom recombinant proteins as antigens as per your request and need.

Key features of custom protein synthesis:

  1. BulletDifferent tags for affinity chromatography (6x His, Myc, Flag)

  2. BulletFusion proteins - Green fluorescent protein (GFP), mCherry

protein fusion, Infra-red protein fusion

  1. BulletCombination of tags on single proteins and antigens - e.g. GFP

and His or mCherry and Myc

  1. BulletFull length/truncated

  2. BulletScale of the protein: from microgram till dekagrams

  3. BulletProtein synthesis in different expression systems for various

post-translation modification (E. coli, Yeast, Leishmania, Cell-free)

  1. BulletRapid delivery (depending on expression system)

  2. BulletQuality control of protein on MALDI-TOF

  3. BulletDelivery in lyophilized form (easy for transport and storrage)

  4. Bulletor in native buffers