Infectious disease assays


Recombinant proteins, antigens and epitopes in the form of peptides are promising tools for differential disease diagnosis.

Recombinant protein production technologies (in-vivo and in-vitro) enable development of diagnostic kits based on ELISA, western blotting or line blotting assays.

We provide deep know-how in the development of diagnostic kits for the detection of tick-borne infectious diseases:

1 Detection and assessment of different Borrelia genospecies:

6 genospecies of human borreliosis

Borrelia coriaceae (Bovine borreliosis)

Borrelia anserina (avian borreliosis)

Borrelia hermsii (Relapsing fever)

2 Protein microarray for detection of West Nile Virus

3 Protein microarray for detection of Tick encephalitis

4 Protein microarray for detection of tularemia (Francisella tularensis)

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