Sequencing and genotyping


Our team provides sequencing and genotyping analysis of your samples. We need only your template (purified PCR product, if you cannot purified the product, we can manage this purification). We will sequence your samples on ABI PRISM 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzer.

 Minimal volume of sample: 10 ul
 Quality of sample: we recommend to purify the PCR  product from agarose gel or purification directly from PCR product, if there is any non-specific products in your PCR product. We are recommend to use Qiagen, Promega, Jena or similar. 
 Volume of primer: 10 ul of each primer with the concentration 10 pmol.
 Maximal size of product: we can provide sequencing of max. 500 bp of each forward and reverse primer
 Delivery: 2-7 days
 Output format: sequence and chromatogram
 Price: 9 Euro per sample (price is including sequencing with 1 primer and tax)
After sequencing, we are able to analyze your sequence and determine the gene, site of mutation, identify the pathogen and isolate form the sample. The price for genotyping is on request.