The 11th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference

27th-29th September 2017


Kosice, Slovakia

Dear Colleague,

    On behalf of the CEEPC, we are pleased to formally invite you to the 11th Conference in Kosice, Slovakia, from September 27th-29th, 2017.

    Each year, the CEEPC attracts delegates from Europe and around the world who return for the mixture of ‘cutting-edge’ proteomics, and networking, thus propagating this series of Conferences.  We look forward to welcoming you to Kosice and we hope you will join us to share your knowledge and expertise on the advancements in the field of Proteomics as well as enjoy multicultural Kosice with its historical, scenic and exciting ambiance.  We have also put together a special social program which is not to be missed!

    The goal of CEEPC is to promote the ‘state-of-the-art’ research in all types of Proteomic fields and it provides a scholarly forum where a whole plethora of proteomic disciplines are discussed as outlined below:

  1. Bullet Regenerative and Reparative Medicine: Stem cells, gene therapy; tissue engineering; cell based therapy; cell cultivation.

  2. Bullet Disease Proteomics: Biopharmaceutical proteomics; diagnostics and prognostic marker studies; imaging; pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine); microarray technology; biomarkers, biopharmaceuticals discovery (CNS, cancer, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune); vaccines; antibodies; protein engineering; advances in Mass spectrometry and protein interrogation.

  3. Bullet Proteomics in animal and veterinary sciences: application of proteomics to increase the quality of animal products like meat, milk and eggs with focus on food quality and safety, animal diseases and biomarker discovery in animal models.

  4. Bullet Clinical Proteomics and Drug Discovery: in vivo and in vitro studies, cohort studies, clinical trials, disease diagnosis, data evaluation and drug design 

  5. Bullet Plant Proteomics and Environment: Transgenic plants and crops; bioremediation; microbial diversity; bio-monitoring; photosynthetic microorganisms, cyanobacteria and microalgae; genomics-assisted breeding.

  6. Bullet Proteomics and tissue / protein engineering: connective tissue engineering, cell lines and stem cell technology, 'fed-batch culture' for biomarkers, bio-organs, tissue banking, industrial enzymes and proteins; bioprocess engineering and optimisation.

  7. Bullet Proteomics and Bio-informatics: software, data analysis, protein databases and specific algorithms

  8. Bullet Marine Proteomics: marine-based drug discovery & development

  9. Bullet Additional Systems Biology topics: bio-safety; etc.  

  10. Bullet Nanobioproteomics: future nano-proteomic technologies

    Based on your expertise in the relevant field above, we once again extend a very warm invitation to you to participate as well as contribute.  We are hopeful that your contribution (oral and / or poster) and participation will make this event successful.

Deadlines: Registration  and Abstract submission - 31 August 2017

       Advisory board